Lacazette: We will score against Manchester City

Lacazette: We will score against Manchester City

Laczette is confident of scoring against Manchester United.
The Frenchman has already scored once against the Red Devils, but he is confident that he can do it again.
โ€œWe have a good squad, we have a lot of players who can play in the attack,โ€ Laczette said. โ€œWe are confident of getting the result, we are ready to do our best.โ€
The Meringues will have to do their best if they want to get into the top 4, because they are not in a position to play against the top teams.
However, the team is not in the best shape, so it will have a difficult time in the Champions League.

The team is in a crisis, so they need to find a solution quickly. This is why Laczete is confident about scoring against the team that is considered to be one of the main favorites of the tournament.
Livescore today: the latest news from the world of football
The match between the Meringue and Manchester United will be held on November 18, so the fans can expect to see a tense and exciting game.
This season, the Red devils are in a very bad shape, and they are in the last third of the standings. The team has a lot to do if it wants to get out of this situation.
They have to strengthen their defense, and the team needs to find the right players for the position.
In the attack of Manchester United, the players are in poor shape. They are not able to score, and this is one of their main problems.
It is clear that the team will have problems in the match against the Mers, because it is not able yet to find its game. However, the fans of the club will be able to see the game thanks to livescore today.
You can follow the latest information from the match and the results on the website of sports statistics.
Manchester United is in the middle of the championship, so its players have to fight for every point. The Meringes have a great opportunity to get to the top four, but they need a lot from their players.
If they want, they can get into a higher position, but it will be very difficult.
Teamโ€™s chances of getting into the Champions league
The situation with the team has worsened over the last few matches, and it is clear to see that the Merers are not going to be able in the long run to get a place in the top-4.
At the moment, the chances of the team of Jose Mourinho are not very high, because the team lacks a lot in the field.
Moreover, the Mererโ€™ players are not at their best, so there is a high probability that they will not be able even to get in the playoffs.
Therefore, the situation with Manchester United is not very encouraging for the fans, who are expecting the team to fight until the last second for the title.
Fans can follow livescore on the sports statistics website, where the information is updated in real time.
Where to find all the latest football results?
The football season is in full swing, and every day, hundreds of matches are held all over the world.
As for the English championship, the teams are fighting for the places in the European Cup zone.
Liverpool is in first position, and Manchester City is in second. The Red Devils have a chance to get closer to the Champions Cup zone, but the team still needs to do its best.
For this, the squad of Josep Guardiola needs to improve its game, and in the next matches, the Liverpool will be the main favorite.
According to the results of the matches, it can be said that the Reds will be in a good mood, and their fans will be happy to see them in the first position. It is clear how the teamโ€™ll play in this match, because in the previous matches, they were not able at all to get the result.
Despite the fact that the previous season was not successful for the team, it still managed to get some points.
All the latest results of football matches
The current season of the English Premier League is very busy, and hundreds of interesting confrontations are held every day.
One of the most important matches of the season is the match between Manchester City and Liverpool.
After the victory of the Citizens, the Reds are in first place, and there is no doubt that they are going to get close to the European zone. However this is not the only important thing that the club needs to achieve in the current season.
There is a lot that the Red Devil players need to improve, and if they do not do this, then they will be unable to get any result in the matches.
City has a good lineup, and its players are able to play in almost any position. This allows the club to be flexible and able to adapt to any situation. However the team does not have a very good defense, so if it is going to achieve its goals, then it needs to strengthen the position of the defense.
Thanks to the livescore, it is easy to follow the results and find out the latest data from the matches of this season.

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