Marcos Alonso: “Chelsea can win every competition”

Marcos Alonso: “Chelsea can win every competition”

The Spanish midfielder has already shown that he is able to make a big impact in the English Premier League.
In the season 2019/20, the Blues have a good chance of winning the title.
The team has been able to show great results, which has been a great surprise for the outsiders.
This season, the team will be led by Jose Mourinho, who has already managed to make the team win the Champions League. However, the main task for the Portuguese coach is the fight for the title of the English top division.
Chelsea’s chances of winning are good, but the team needs to improve its results in order to be able to challenge the main favorites.
“I’m confident that we will be able win the title,” said the Spanish player. “We have a lot of strong players, which we can count on.”
The Blues have already managed this, so they are not in a hurry to leave the Champions league.

‘We’ve won the Europa League,’ says the Spanish midfielder
The Europa League is a tournament that is held every year. It is a competition between the best teams from the leading European countries. Among the favorites of the tournament are:
* “Roma”;
* ​​“Juventus”.
However, the club from Turin is the most likely to win it.
During the tournament, the Italians have already won it once, but they are ready to do it again.
They have already shown the best results in the history of the competition.
It is the Italian team that has won the most matches, and this is a good sign for the team’ future.
After the victory in the Europa league, the Italian players will be ready to play in the Champions club tournament.
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Team’ performance in the domestic championship
The club from Rome has a good lineup, which is a great advantage over other teams.
Among the main competitors of the team from Turino are: ​​* ​“Manchester United”, ​​​* ”Tottenham” and ​​ ​​ “Chelsea”.
The latter has already won the Champions Cup, so it is a real chance for the club to win the Europa cup.
Moreover, the Spanish team has a lot to prove in the national championship, because it is not the first time that it takes part in it. The team has already played in the League 1, where it has won twice.
So, the season will be really tough for the Spanish club, because the team is not used to playing in the international arena. However the club will be stronger in the long run, because many of its rivals will be in a better shape.
Do not forget that the Europa Cup is a long tournament, so the team has to play at least 10 matches in order not to lose points.
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The season 2019-2020 is already in full swing. The English Premier league is very busy, and the teams are fighting for the main trophy of the championship.
At the same time, the Europa club tournament is also gaining momentum, and it is the main goal of the Italian club.
That is why the team of Antonio Conte has already achieved great things. The coach has managed to create a good atmosphere in the team, which allows the players to play with high intensity.
Conte has also managed to find a good balance between the individual skills of the players and the team work.
Thanks to this, the players are able to achieve good results.
Despite the fact that the team does not have the best lineup, it has managed not to be relegated to the lower divisions.
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Teams’ chances of success in the new season
The English Premier club is the best favorite of the new championship, so Conte’ team has the best chances of victory.
Other teams have a chance of getting into the Champions’ club tournament, too.
For example, the following teams have the following chances of getting to the next stage of the Champions tournament:
1. ​​”Manchester United”.
2. ​”Tottenham”.
3. ​”Chelsea“.
4. ​ ​‘Juventus “. ​
The Italian team is a little bit behind the leaders. However it is clear that the season is long, and Conte will have to use all his strength to achieve the desired result.
If the team manages to win gold medals, it will be a great achievement.
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What to expect from the Spanish national team
The national team of Spain has already been in the European Championship. It was the team that managed to qualify for the next round, but it lost the first match against the Netherlands.
Many people think that the Spanish players have not enough experience in the tournament. However they have already played many matches, so there is no doubt that they will be successful.

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